Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Russian-Israeli Mafia in the US and UK

Wayne Madsen, on 11 July 2008, at Online Journal, has an article entitled 'The Russian-Israeli Mafia: Off-limits to FBI, US intelligence'. (The Russian-Israeli Mafia: Off-limits to FBI, US intelligence )

Madsen refers to the Russian-Israeli Mafia, the 'cancer that bankrupted the Soviet Union and the early Russian Federation'.

According to Madsen:

1. This mafia 'uses Israeli government protection and passports to cover their illegal worldwide activities'.

2. This mafia 'has thoroughly permeated the American political and business system'.

3. 'The FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies are virtually powerless to bring the major perpetrators to justice.'

4. 'FBI agents have been hamstrung by the Justice and Homeland Security Departments' which have been under the control of Michael Mukasey and Michael Chertoff.

5. Allegedly, Mukasey and Chertoff have 'close links to the Russian-Israeli Mafia.'

6. Great Britain 'has also witnessed an infiltration of its government, law enforcement, and intelligence services by individuals linked to the Russian-Israeli mob.'

7. The Russian Federal Security Bureau (FSB) 'has been waging battle against the Russian-Israeli Mafia, particularly its major backers like exiled Russian-Israeli oligarch Boris Berezovsky who have been granted protection by the British government.'

8. "There are solid links between Berezovsky, the Russian-Israeli Mafia, and Islamist guerrillas in Chechnya and abroad."

9, "British intelligence, which recently suffered a major blow with the strange illness that struck the Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), Alex Allan... has been unable to crack down on the Russian-Israeli Mafia infiltration of Britain since the billions of pounds in dirty money has made its way into the coffers of top Labor and Conservative politicians."

10. "The Bush administration has ignored INTERPOL arrest warrants and requests for information issued on behalf of Russia for wanted Russian-Israeli billionaires like Leonid Nevzlin, Boris Berezovsky, aka Platon Elenin (suspected by Russian authorities of links to the assassinations of Litvinenko and Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya), Arkady Gaydamak, Semyon “Sam” Kislin, Michael Chernoy, and others."

11. "The FBI investigation of the assassination of retired CIA Houston station chief Roland “Tony” Carnaby, who was investigating Israeli Mossad and Russian-Israeli mob activities in the Houston area, has been relegated to a low-level and non-descript national security investigation by FBI higher ups."

12. "The DEA and FBI investigations of the activities of Israeli “art students” and “movers” in the months leading up to the 9/11 attacks were similarly stymied by the direct orders of then-FBI director Louis Freeh and Attorney General John Ashcroft, according to a major wire service journalist who covered the Justice Department."

13. "The FBI has also ignored the massive thefts of personal data of American citizens..."

14. "The Russian-Israeli mob infiltration of the McCain campaign is only the continuation of a cancerous infiltration of the American body politic that began with the takeover of the Senate office of Washington’s Henry “Scoop” Jackson by anti-Soviet Jewish “neo-conservatives” in the early 1970s."


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